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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Frugal and Busy Summer has Begun

Summer has just started and I am sure I will not be bored this summer. There is so much to do, both fun and work to do. A ton of fun movies, such as Thor have come out and will come out this summer, the yard sale season is just starting, I can actually work in my garden after some false starts and most importantly I can workout outside again.

I have decided to get in shape this summer, without spending any money, let's see how well I can do. I will be posting every week on how well I did, to keep myself on track. My goal is to stop gaining weight and get some muscle back in both my arms and legs. I stopped working out consistently after I hurt my neck a few years back and have wanted to get back into it, without hurting myself, for a long time.

I am going through our Stuff this week and deciding what to sell at our yard-sale next weekend, if the weather is nice. Because of some lovely gifts from our wedding we have upgraded our stuff and can get rid of some "college" stuff. Most of the stuff we are selling will be Stuff we either no longer use, like some books or some Stuff we have upgraded.

We are going to have some serious time in our garden, leaving for two weeks had allowed the weeds to take over. The only things already planted and living are two blackberry bushes and the apple tree, I have managed the kill two basil plants this year, for some reason.

We do plan to do some repairs around the house as well, like painting the stairway, and the bathroom as well as some other minor stuff. I do not expect that to cost too much, but I have learned that repairs normally cost more then is planned.

We are using discount giftcards bought from plastic jungle and cardpool for any expenses this summer that we can for example home depot and amc theaters gift cards, which should save us 5-10% on those purchases. All in all, I think this summer will be crazy busy, frugal and fun.


  1. I love blackberries! Save some for me :) This looks like a great plan for a frugal summer.

  2. Sounds like a great summer! I would never want to leave my city during the summer- it's just so nice.

    Do you have time off during the summer?

  3. youngandthrifty, I already took my only time off this summer, to go get married. So I expect to get a little nuts with so much to do, but it should still be fun.