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Monday, May 30, 2011

Frugal Movie Watching

During the summer some of the best movies come out, yet at ten dollars per ticket, how can people afford to go? My DH and I afford it by finding the cheaper theaters (here AMC Theaters is cheaper than Regal Theaters), by going at the matinee time and by buying AMC gift cards online for a discount.

On plastic jungle AMC gift cards are 18% off so we were able to get a twenty-five dollar gift card for twenty dollars and fifty cents. You may be thinking all right, you saved four dollars, big deal. First, that four dollars can add up quickly over time and second I am not done yet. My DH and I go to matinee movies at AMC for four fifty per person instead of regular priced movies for nine dollars or going to Regal for nine dollars and fifty cents. We do splurge and get popcorn at the theater, though.

Let's add it up then, shall we? Normally tickets cost nine to nine fifty a person, so eighteen to nineteen dollars for my DH and I plus popcorn at seven dollars for a medium adding up to twenty five to twenty six dollars. By using the matinee at AMC and getting the gift card we only spend thirteen dollars and twelve cents. That is a savings of almost fifty percent and we get the same movie experience.

Being frugal is not about giving up your fun but finding the best way, financially, to have that fun.


  1. Wow that great! I think saving money doing something you both enjoy (like watching a movie) makes the experience 10x more enjoyable :)

  2. I wrote about seeing movies for less last year and found that AMC has a rewards program that you can stack with your discounted tickets to get points toward free movies. http://thesavedquarter.com/2010/05/saving-money-movie-theate/

    I've also seen deals on movie tickets at daily deal sites recently, like Living Social. That might be worth watching out for.

  3. Saved Quarter, I used to belong to AMC's rewards program but recently they changed the program to include a $12 annual fee. I won't pay an annual fee for a credit card, much less a reward program so I had to drop that program. Maybe enough people will and they will get rid of the annual fee.