1 Million Dollars

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Last grocery update of 2014

We spent $255.98 in December and were able to, for the first time EVER, have only one major grocery run.  This meant we only spent $56.50/week over the four weeks.  A good savings but our cupboards sure feel empty.  It has been a struggle not to go out to eat recently and I can't wait to shop this weekend.  But this did save us $32.08 this month which mean, for year I was over $334.11 or $6.43/week.  That is almost 10% higher than I budgeted, wow!  But, I do have small budget.  But that small budget is going to continue in 2015 and I can't afford to go over like that.  So, we are keeping our noses to grindstone and will continue to work on keeping the grocery spending low.

I'm going to continue to push for once a month shopping, with little purchases to supplement during the month.  I'm going to work on crockpot meals as well as finding a new recipe to try once a month to keep variety and not cause me to eat out.  Does anyone have any other ideas on how to keep the grocery bill low?


  1. Let me know when you find out!! My fiance and I spend over $100 each week on grocery bills. Partly because he eats alot of meat and also because we buy grass-fed/organic where possible. He rationalizes that it makes sense to spend the money on your health.

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