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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saving money on food without being bored

Our biggest struggle in our budget is eating out.  I get bored with the food and home and badger my husband into going out.  He loves going out as well, but for some reason, has more self-control as long as I don't bring it up.  So how to solve this?  Well, while my mom was visiting, she cooked all week and I got to try new meals, and learn how to cook them.  I loved the new meals and each one was cheap.

Of the meals she made, my favorites were spaghetti sauce with ground beef, chicken stir-fry with rice, pho, and a chicken tortilla bake.  These all cost about $2 a serving and are delicious.  My mother also left me most of the ingredients for the pho is that makes it even cheaper right now. 

By her coming and cooking as well as teaching me new recipes, I have not even wanted to go out to eat except for once and I was able to avoid it.  With our new daughter, saving our fun money is a must.  Also, she has introduced me to a site I did not know about Campbell's Recipes and I have started looking there for new ideas, since we have a ton of tomato soup cans in our cupboard.

Does anyone else have easy, new, cheap recipes to share or sites which help them find new ideas?  I'd love to read them.

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