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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Millionaire Update February

I now have $14,179 in my invesments.  Because of the cost of school I have not been able to invest lately except for credit card rewards from FIA card services (https://www.fidelity.com/cash-management/american-express-cards).  February we deposited $59.45 that we earned from the credit card into my husband's Roth IRA, however most of the increase was just from the market.  We still have a long way until I reach my next mini-goal of $25,000 but we are inching towards it.  We are also $821 short of having six months worth of expenses in our investment account, and given that Fidelity recommends having one year worth of your income at 35, I think we are doing alright for now. 

I should be done with my Master's in August so either I will continue on with my PhD which will mean a paycheck, giving us money to invest or we will be done with daycare, again, giving us more money to invest.  If I do not go on to my PhD, I am going to try to find a community college or two that will hire me to teach night classes. I prefer older students when tutoring so I assume I will prefer them while teaching as well and it will allow us not to pay for daycare which will save a ton. 
I have also thought about teaching online classes but I don't know much about them, maybe someone on here has an idea on where I can look. 

But for now, life is just staying busy with our new baby, classes and trying to get some writing done on my thesis, so I can graduate in August. 

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