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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Update on grocery savings plan June

I averaged $48.08/week last month on groceries. That was below my weekly allowance for groceries and I am quite please with it. I even was able to spend lower then the amount I need to bring my year to date grocery spending closer to my annual goal.
I am now averaging $51.78/week. I am at exactly halfway though the year and I am $46.22 over my goal. I am still within budget but by achieving this goal I will have more money for savings and invest or even more fun. I think I can cut $46.22 from 26 weeks even with Christmas dinner. If I am to achieve my goal of $50/week, I will have to spend average less than $48.22/week for the rest of year. This is more then I spent last month, on average and I think I can do it.

Anyone have any advice for keeping my totals low while eating well?


  1. I don't think you'll have an issue. I think you have also have to factor in the fact that transportation costs went up substantially. Since gas prices recently have dipped we should see a bit of inflation ebb away.

    -Ravi Gupta

  2. have you tried foraging? here in western Kentucky, my hubby went out yesterday and picked a gallon of wild blackberries. Nothing cheaper than nature for putting food on the table...eat well for only the labor spent!

  3. Dmarie, I live in an urban area so their really is no place to forage. If I lived in the country I would. I have started a garden which does help stretch the budget.

  4. Beans are our frugal staple and they're really nutritious. We typically have at least four kinds of beans around and cook them in a variety of ways so it never really gets boring.

    Generic or store brand items also help us spend less at the store.