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Friday, April 1, 2011

The Ultimate Blog Party 2011

The Ultimate Blog Party has come around again, time for me to check out some cool new blogs and see if I want to add them to my daily check list (slidebar).
My only sadness with this, is I lost google adsense last year by joining the Blog Party because I had missed that joining was against their rules. Since then I have not found another advertiser for my site. Maybe someone from the Blog Party could give me some advice.
But on to the fun, I am hoping to get gift cards from the blog party to put towards the needs of my hypothetical child. I am getting married in may and my fiance and I plan to start trying for a child after that. I am very excited yet scared. This blog party I plan to start looking for advice on my future, not just the moneyside but how parents have been juggling everything.
My fiance and I have not decided if I will be a SAHM or work, it depends if I get into grad school or not and we find that out next march. For now I will work and be taking classes, though I plan to take some time off when our (future) child is born.
The sites that are doing the giveaways I like are A Review And Giveaway, sweepingme, TotallyDesperateMom, MomStart and Periwinkle Papillon. If I get one of these I would save between $50-$100 on needs for our future child.
I want to send out a special thanks to 4 hats and frugal for getting me started with UBP in 2010, you are amazing! She is reason I know about UBP and everyone should check out her site.
My blog is about saving money. From student loans to deals, I have it all, this is perfect place to learn how to be frugal. I focus on the frugal college student but parents will find it fun and helpful as well. My blog shows what to look for in student loans, how to find deals and how to become a frugal saver, who sooner or later will become a millionaire. So come and explore around, and let me know what else you would like to see.


  1. Love your blog title! Great goal to 1 million dollars. They say that when you reach 100,000 then it's downhill from there. Good luck! Have a great day!

  2. What a great start! Keep up the good work. And yes, feel free to link my blog, no problem. Enjoy the UBP11!

  3. I didn't know Adsense rules prohibit blog parties? Hmmm...

    Visiting you from UBP11. Good luck with a new edition to your family. It really is life changing and worth it.

    Have a great week, hopping around! :)
    Long Wait For Isabella

  4. Hello! Love your blog and just hit "Follow" button. Find me at www.way2goodlife.com
    P.S. Also if you can find a minute and vote for me as elenka29 here http://www.mamavation.com/2011/03/vote-for-mamavation-mom-3.html
    (it's a competition to get into fitness bootcamp for moms. There is no registration - just click and submit). Looking forward to reading more of your posts

  5. Hi, I found you on the Ultimate Blog Party 2011 and now I’m a new follower of your adorable blog! Hop over and say HI if you get a chance Jennifer from Just

  6. Love your Million Dollar ticker! That is awesome! I didn't realize that Adsense didn't allow blog parties. I guess because I don't make anything with it, they haven't noticed me. LOL! Glad to have found you through the UBP11!

  7. I was a frugal student for a good many years (through Ph.D), and now I'm a parent. I wrote a book that may be of interest to you: The Naturally Frugal Baby. Link is: http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/the-naturally-frugal-baby/15054764

    It's about preparing financially for parenthood, what baby gear is most/least useful, and a lot of other things I wished I'd known before becoming a parent.

    There's a free preview link there that should display the entire book (preview is not very navigable, though). The book is for sale as a paperbook or PDF download.

  8. Peggy, what did you get your PhD in? I will check out the book, thanks so much. Your link/book came at a perfect time for me.