1 Million Dollars

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Update on the millionaire goal- March

We are inching closer and closer to our millionaire goal. We now have $9222 in invest accounts/bonds thanks to our investing, ing's bonus and the two percent reduction in social security. We plan to increase our retirement funding in April. By doing so we believe we will pass the $10,000 mark in July of this year.

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  1. I really like the million dollar goal - I may just have to steal that idea for my new husband and I :) When I figure out what our combined finances are going to look like, that is! I hadn't seen your blog before (I've been a little swamped since I met you on the boards) but I'm gonna follow it now. Just NOW saw your comments on my January post on my blog (again, with the "swamped") and thanks for the kudos :) You asked about what bank deals I'd been getting - in 2010 I got 3 separate deals to open checking accounts ($101 from Sterling Savings, $150 from US Bank, and.... something over a hundred bucks for Key Bank, but that one had a bunch of annoying hoops). In 2011, I got another couple offers for Key and one for Chase, but as you know I hate Chase. Actually, I ended up closing both Sterling and US Bank after awhile (more than a year, to make sure it wouldn't affect the bonuses) because it was silly to have to keep checking empty accounts and nobody's going to beat the rate I have on my rewards "checking" account (which I use as a savings). Don't know if you still were interested in the answer to that question at this point, since it's been so long, but there it is :)