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Monday, May 3, 2010

Summer is Coming!!!!!!

Students are gearing up for finals and then either a break or graduation! Congrats to the grads and have fun to those who will be on break!
Grads should be aware that their student loans start repayment in about 6 month even if the company does not contact you.

But enough of the depressing stuff, it is almost summer. Summer is one of the best times for frugal fun. Grilling (if you have a grill) with friends in the backyard, picnics with you SO, farmer markets and hiking are all fun things to do over the summer (and they don't cost very much money).

Also fruits and vegetables are starting to be on sale. I got a bag of red potatoes (5lbs) for 2.99, two artichokes for $1.00 and two corns for .25 each. I made mash potatoes and had a great dinner last night. For dinner last night, since I only used a pound of potatoes, I spent $2.50, which includes the amount of milk, butter and spices used to cook with. So dinner, which I still have left over potatoes cost me $1.25/person. Cheap! And it was healthy.

Also I have been getting the ground ready for its first garden. I have a basil plant that I will need to move to a bigger planter and I bought a few raspberry and blackberry plants online that should be coming soon (there was a sale, that made the online price much lower than home depot), so that is taking up time and giving me some exercise. But I am enjoying it and next year we will have lots of fruit.

My advice for the summer, find free or cheap things to do outside and enjoy yourself. So get on your tennis shoes and get out there. Have fun and eat lots of fruits and vegetables, your wallet and your body will thank you.

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