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Friday, April 23, 2010

5 minute mom UBP after party

This year was my first year participating in the UBP from 5 minute for mom and I learned a lot (and ticked off google, they apparently do not like blog parties).

I was able to read of ton of financial blogs that I would not have found and now have many more people checking out my blog as well. I will be participating in the blog party next year, I hope. I now check a few more blogs on a regular basis, for example: 5 minutes for mom because of how they create a blogger community; frugally fabulous mom for all of her deal especially for children (I am a planner and we plan to have children soon after the wedding which is in 2011); and of course A Maui blog for all the information about Maui to help me plan my honeymoon.

This blog party has been so great for me, I have gotten great new contacts, a new information for both my present and future in all aspects of my life, so thanks to the great bloggers at 5 minutes for mom!

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