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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Why I decided not to stockpile.....

No, I have not decided to give up on all stockpiling, but there comes a time for each item, even things that don't go bad, when you have to say ENOUGH.  We are over budget on groceries, and even though the sale on toilet paper and bathroom tissue was great, we have enough to last us over three month and that level of sale should come back within twelve weeks.  So I said, enough, I am not spending the money.  I'd rather keep the $18 in my pocket today.  Maybe a few months from now, I'll rather buy items but for now, cash wins.

If you don't stop spending, stockpiling is not for you, because that does not save money.  Not spending saves money.   I stockpile so I can stop spending when I need to and right now we are $366.19 over budget so I need to stop spending.   In addition I am waiting till I get another CVS gift card to spend if I can.  I think I'll be getting it in January so we will have some extra money then. 

Stockpiling is not just when there is a good deal, it is also when you have extra money.  I try to set money aside so I can take advantage of all the deals but no one is perfect.  DH and I have a strict budget because we can't afford otherwise, but we do try to set aside a little money for slip ups.  That is why swagbucks, mypoints, ebates, credit card rewards and rental are not part our budget.

So, are you doing anything different as we finish up the year, to save money?


  1. We used to stockpile more. But we're still eating through things we moved into our house with a couple years ago. There is a time when you can say enough.

    I do like having extras on hand though so we don't run out of toilet paper or toothpaste. But just a few.

    Maybe when other parts of our life are organized we'll get back into stockpiling. But hopefully with a little more of a plan that went into it with last time.

  2. Preach it! We stock pile when it makes sense, but we don't have much room so we don't do too much of it. And if you're spending money just because it's a good deal, but have enough to wipe your bum for the next few years, that's just silliness.

    1. I agree but it is hard to know when to stop sometimes. :)