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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Gas is under $3/gallon AGAIN

And I am loving it!  Finally gas costs have dropped down and we are saving a ton of money.  I bet gas will go back up though, so I am not changing our budget one whit!   I am using the savings to make up for the overages we occurred when we bought our second vehicle, a truck with stick shift.  It is a lower MPGs than our car so we had planned for me to drive it and my husband, the one with the long commute, to drive the car.  We overspent the entire first month because I was learning to drive stick and DH was driving the truck 120 miles per day, every day.  Plus his old job paid a lot less and we budget based on the last month's earning so our budget that month was a lot lower.

So how much are we short?  We are short $370 as of today but I expect to cut that about $200 by the end of the month.  So, if we could keep the low price for two more month I'd be ecstatic!

Will I change my budget if by then, gas is still this low?  Sort of, actually.  We don't have enough set aside for car repairs and would have to dip into our EF if something huge happened so I'd like to save more for repairs, and any extra money will go there.  But I'd never budget it towards anything else, because you know that gas can rise and with it food costs and I don't want to be stuck.  Any savings from a discount, IMO, should go straight into savings.

What have you changed now that gas is cheaper?

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