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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Updated Millionaire Plan May 2014

We are plugging away with our $625 invested again this month and we have a total of $19,118 as of May 1st.  That means we only have $1,882 to go before we reach our mini-goal of 21,000 (6 months of expenses, including COBRA).  So, if we keep this rate we will be there in three to four month.  We are so close I can taste it!  Our next goal after that will be $25,000, my yearly gross salary and if we keep up with our investing and market does not work against us, we will be there in nine to ten months. 

It is kind of crazy to me to see how close I am to having, what to me is, a lot of money.  This money is my freedom.  It allows me to make the choices that are best for our family and our future without worrying.  That idea is what pushes me to save when I want to spend more than I can afford. 

As a young person, especially one with student loans and a family, I'm being pulled in so many directs when it comes to money.  Should I pay my loans, invest, go on vacation?  What is best?  I have to make choices that are right not only for me but for my future self and rest of my family.  The more we can decrease our required bills and increase our income and assets, the more choices we will have.   And I like choices and freedom.  What makes you choose the way you do?  What is your goal?  What will it do for you?

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