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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Beer Brewing Club Now Open, the benefits of getting involved

My husband came home from the graduate student association monthly meeting with some fun news!  There are a group of graduate students forming a beer brewing club and the GSA (graduate student association) just gave them $300 for the school year.  My husband loves beer and used to brew a lot but lack time and money changed his habits.

He had been talking about getting back into brewing, but had not pulled the plug but THEN here comes the brewing club.  He can brew for free (and drink for free).  He was pretty happy about it.  Funny thing though, going to the GSA meeting meant that he learned about this a month earlier than everyone else and contacted with the organizers.  It really shows that getting involved can have some pretty nice rewards.

Has anyone ever gotten involved in something that had some nice fiscal rewards?

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