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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Heathly Eating, Costs and Benefits

People may have notice that I have not kept up on my food budget updates and their is a reason for this. I am changing my eating habits and that has thrown my budget completely out of whack. I expected that we would have to spend more this year just because of inflation but adding in eating better we are now consistently spending about $65/week. Part the reason for that is food I do not eat. I am not used to eating healthy so some fresh veggies have gone to waste or the meal ended up not tasting good and I threw it out. However, I truly believe that once I get accustomed to cooking and eating well, our cost will go down. Making a change means I am not perfect at it, or even good at it.

This is true of any change, food, financial, anything. However, often we try to change and because we make mistakes we give up and that is the real mistake. Is being over my budget by $10/week going to kill my budget? Kinda, I won't be able to save the amount I need but is going over by $10/week for a small time going to kill my budget, probably not. In the end, being healthy will mean less medical expenses, it may even mean less food costs once I know what I am doing. I also think that over the summer our food bills will decrease even more, because we will be eating out of the garden and used to eating fresh fruits and veggies. Does anyone have cheap healthy meals that I can try? What ways have you kept your grocery bill low while still eating healthy?

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  1. Once you get accustomed to it, it will be worth it. Try buying some new things and experimenting. Worst case, you have some mulch for the garden and are out a few bucks. ;)