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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Three Weeks of Groceries, what a spendy time!

We overspent so much this last three weeks!  We spent $283.93, a budget busting $85.93 more than budget!  That is more than a weeks worth of food.  What did we spend it on?  Well we spent $48.13 on chicken because the meat store had a sale for 1.49/lb (.50 cheaper than the grocery store), but we had to buy 30lbs.  And we had bought a couple splurge items when Tops Market had some major sales and then we stocked up. 

So what are we going to do?  We are $357.28 over our spending with seven weeks to go and Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping is in there.  There is no way I can spend $14.96 a week.  However, we won't have to buy chicken for the rest of the year (and probably even longer) so I am going to take this as alright.  We will end up dipping into our EF to cover this which sucks but that is life. 

So what is the plan?  Because we know we are buying our turkey next week at Top's, we decide to not doing major shopping this week.  We are hitting wegmans for some basics on Sunday (which looks to cost less than $40) and then next Saturday will buy our turkey for .48/lb but we need to spend $25 more to get that price, so we will probably do the thanksgiving spending there and spend about $30-40 that week.  The week after we will see what we have left over from thanksgiving and go from there.  We may not be able to make up all of this money but we can do some fixes.

One of the best things I have learned from this is to change things up when they don't work.  It may work great one week but not work the next.  Don't be dogmatic, and you can take on anything!

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