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Sunday, October 26, 2014

I joined an affiliate program!

You might notice something different about the blog now.  I have joined my first affiliate program and it is with Cash4books.net!  I learned about Cash4books over five years ago when selling the last of my undergrad books before moving with my then fiance to buffalo.  Prior to that I just sold through amazon or ebay or even sometimes at school, direct to other students because it gave me the most money.  However, when both of us were working insane hours, trying to pack and trying to get rid of things, I used this site.  I got money I otherwise would not have gotten, because honestly I just did not have the time to sell them on my own. 

It was a little less than what I expected to get on my own but not much less.  But life was crazy and I honestly forgot about the website after we moved.  Then a friend asked what sites I used to sell and I went back through my emails to remember and clicked over to make sure it was still the same.  Once I did, I saw they had an affiliate program and the rest is this blog post.  I am very excited to have them on the blog, but I want to assure my readership that I will only have ads that relate to the blog and are good for the readership. You can be assured that anything suggested on this blog is useful to me or I know of others who found it useful.  I will never plug anything that does not benefit you!

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