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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Grocery update: I am almost there!

My weekly goal has been $48/week average with a stretch goal of $45/week.  Over the last three weeks we averaged $52.77/week.  It is a savings of $39.69 from our normal weekly spending but not where I need to be. We are still short $291 for the year.  And, on top of that, the only reason we are so low is that ground beef prices went up to $2.99/lb and we chose not to buy them this time around.  Sadly, we will have to do our chicken and some ground beef stock up next weekend. 

So let's break it down:
I spent $57 at BJ's over the last three weeks.  This needs to be cut down dramatically.  Thankfully I only spent $80 at wegmans and $11 at tops and I kept my weekly meat market spending below $4 each week which kept the overall price down. I did not end up stopping by trader joe's for anything in the last three weeks.  So what is my plan for the next three weeks?  Well I do expect to spend higher at wegmans and lower at BJ's so maybe they will even out?  Otherwise, my goal over the next few weeks is to find recipes that stretch our meat and therefore be able to buy less. 

Thankfully, we are so close to our $48/week goal that we don't have to depress it again so our goal for the next round is still $48/week with a stretch goal of $45. 
So I am going to reach out to my readership, does anyone have simple recipes that stretch meat or are vegetarian?

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