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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Grocery goal still not met, but I am getting better!

I'm improving, I'm improving!

I am not hitting my grocery goals of $49/week, but I am under my normal weekly budget of $66 so at least I am not making it worse?  Over the last three weeks I averaged 53.61, this was better than the previous three weeks (those weeks averaged $55.33).  This means I have cut the $400 overage by $69.18 to $331 over the last month and half.  Still not good enough, but slowly we are getting there.  I might even have a three week period of spending less than $45/week by the end of the year. However, if I don't I need to now aim for $48/week, not $49.

We were able to cut our spending at the meat market to $4 but we were out of town for one of the weekends.  I do expect it to go back up to $6 for the next three weeks.  However we spent $23 at grocery stores while we were out of town, to avoid eating out all the time.  Given that we won't be out of town for the next three weeks, I'll count this as a win.

We did very badly at Wegmans and spent $109.81 and I had wanted to only spend $92 max.  I am not sure what I can do to cut this down farther, but I am going to try.
I did cut BJ's warehouse to $5 in this three month period, but for the next I have a couple stock ups so I expect to spend about $20.  I also doubt we will be going to the asian grocery store in the next three weeks, like we did this round ($10) because the items we bought should last more than a month and half.   We only spent $8 at trader joe's but because we will be home, I assume that will doubt for the next round.  I spent $9 at Tops and expect to spend a little more because just for this week the deals look good, so let's say $30 for the next round. 

Based on all the other spending, if I was to aim for $48 average, I'd only get $72 to spend at wegmans this weekend.  However, if I only looked the budgeted weekly amount of $66, I'd get $132.  I'll be making my list (and checking it twice) and we will see how low I can go!

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