1 Million Dollars

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Update on the millionaire goal-2011

I now have $10,520 towards my millionaire goal, which is great since that mean I am back over my $10,000 minigoal and can start focusing on the $25,000 minigoal. However, I have no money to be putting into retirement because we do not have any tenants and have not since October 2011. This is the second time we have looked for tenants and I don't know why we are getting less interested perspectives tenants. I have changed the ad many time, updated the apartment and repost the ad often. Hopefully we will get a tenant soon and we can start putting money towards retirement again.


  1. Congrats on your making your $10K goal! As to the tenant situation, pictures of the apartment in good lighting matter a great deal. Our current place is lovely with plenty of natural light, but the pictures on Craiglist showed a dark and dingy spot. We were so pleasantly surprised when we visited in person (and the only reason we didn't pass it up because of the pictures was because the place had enough parking).