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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Update on grocery savings plan July

I've reposting this post, it got deleted accidentally. I missed posting this at the beginning of last month (July). I spent $148.20 for the month of June which averaged out to $37.05 per week. That was an amazingly low amount and I'm still not sure how I achieved it. I bought using sales and coupon and ate out our garden but still, it is much lower than I expected. I still ate well, with vegetables and whole grains and even had some treats. I am very happy with this month. This has helped get my grocery spending down to under $50/week as an average over the last 30 weeks.

Let us so how low we can go together. Anyone else have great ideas on keeping grocery expenses low while still eating well?


  1. What I do, since I'm a meat eater and will never go without it, is buy the bulk packages at the butcher counter which usually saves me $.50-$.60 per pound. There is also an Italian market that sells stuff really cheap like 10lb box of frozen tilapia wrapped individually for $1.99/lb compared to $5-$7/lb at the supermarket. They also have great deals on meat and poultry if purchased in bulk so I've bought chicken breasts for as low as $1.39/lb there. Plus I never buy prepackaged foods, or junk food so that helps keep my grocery bills down too.

  2. Great! I have recently gotten into couponing (nothing extreme or anything) and I usually save aroound 50 to 70% each time I go to the grocery store and I am so happy! I usually spend around $150 on groceries. We don't buy a ton though, we eat out a lot.

  3. Hey there --

    I usually stick to about $30/week. I buy a fair amount of produce to make salads. Fruit is mostly frozen for my smoothies. I keep processed foods, including snack foods, to a minimum. Drinks? Just milk. And I shop where meat is on sale. If there's a deal, I stock up. I use coupons too, but not as much as you might think. I find much of what they advertise is processed foods that I'm trying to avoid. So for me, it's a four step process. 1) Check circular. 2) Look for coupons. 3) Meal plan. 4) Shop and save.
    And I use my American Express Blue Cash Preferred for 6% back.

  4. its amazing to see how much frugal you are. I hate to admit but my spent is way too high as compared to yours.

  5. One Cent, I think it really matter where you live. I live in a very low cost of living area and that helps more than I wish to admit, when I lived in Ca I could not spend less than $80 for two people.

  6. Wow that's great!! I've been eating salads mainly for lunches and its been great.

    Keep up the great work on the trim grocery budget!