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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Update on grocery savings plan May

I did badly this month, even with being gone for a week. I spent 239.41 during the month of May. This averaged out to be $59.86 per week. Part the reason for this is we had to buy more perishables when we got back from our honeymoon and we also we found a great deal on sodas and stockpiled enough for the next three months.

I am now averaging $52.45/week. If I am to achieve my goal of $50/week, I will have to spend average less than $48.20/week for the rest of year. Given the increases in cost at grocery store and the decreasing of deal I am not sure I will be able to achieve my goal. I will still try for the rest of the year but plan to increase my goal next year to $55/week, unless something changes.

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