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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Updated Millionaire Plan August 2014

This month we increased our retirement savings from $625 per month to $722/ month by decreasing our costs.  We changed daycares on July 21st and our daughter is now a toddler, both of which saved us some money.  We also, if you remember, called and asked for a discount on our internet (saving $5).  I also reviewed the budget and noticed that I was spending less in school costs so moved that savings ($18) to our retirement savings.  We also had $67 sent from our credit card rewards into my Roth IRA.  Yet, all that only ended up raising our savings $215 because the market dropped.  We have $20971 in retirement.  So close to $21000, but not there.  I really just wanted to call up Fidelity and add in the $29.  :)
Honestly, though, a little drop in not an issue for a young investor because all that means is that you are able to buy more shares, cheaper.  Since our daughter will be in the cheaper daycare all month, our retirement savings amount is going to be higher in August ($793) so I am sure we will break the $21000 mark.  What I am not sure about, is if we will break $25,000 this year.  I am very hopeful that we will by December but I am not sure.  Hopefully the market will be nice to me in the end.

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