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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Updated Millionaire Plan July 2014

We have broken $20K!!!!  We now have $20,756 in retirement savings.  Wow, we are so close to our mini-goal of six month's expenses including COBRA ($21,000).  I know we will get there this month but I do wish we had broken $21K as well.  In that theme, I have decided that I feel my retirement savings is too low.  I am moving some of the money I have been putting towards general savings and debt repayment and putting it towards retirement moving our retirement savings to a round 20%.  This means saving $787.50 per month instead of $625 towards our Roth.  I know this hits my EF funding but I need to remember that in a true emergency, I could pull from the Roth IRAs because both my husband's and my Roth IRAs have been opened for over five tax years.   Hey, maybe I should see if I have any extra room in April 2015 and if I do, store my EF cash in the Roth.  What do people think of that?

So, since I am sure I will make our mini-goal of $21,000, I should mention that are next mini-goal after this one is $25,000, my entire gross annual salary and the amount I need to be able to move from target date funds to individual mutual funds.  I can't wait because often individual mutual funds have cheaper fees and I have more control, which makes the control freak part of myself happy. :P

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