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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Millionaire update- November

Time for another millionaire update.  Even without depositing anything into retirement this month. we have increased our assets by $31 thanks to the market.  We now have $13,513 set aside for retirement.  Since we have no money to deposit for awhile, I sat and thought about what we could do, in regards to our retirement.  We have decided to move my old 401k over to Vanguard.  That should lower some fees and may help the market increase our assets. 

But, just as we have been lucky lately, the market could do a down turn at any minute and lose money.  I am ok with that because we have over thirty years but I wonder how many parents have their children's 529's invested all in stocks when their children are close to starting college?  Or how many parent have their own investments all in stocks when they want to retire within 10 year? 

Becoming a millionaire is not just about putting money aside but also what you do with that money.  I might not have any money to put aside now, but I can always find something to help our fiscal situation if I try hard enough.  How about you, what can you do this month to improve your fiscal situation?

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