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Monday, October 8, 2012

Why I love credit cards

I have just gone back to school, in August and we will be having a baby in January both of which mean that cash is really tight, as is time. We stopping putting money away for retirement, plus cut a bunch of other expenses to pay for my class without any extra debt. However, I am disappointed that we cannot save anything for retirement given that I am 27 and my husband is 30. But funny enough, credit cards to the rescue. Working, lab work, prepping for school, and now school all together have made my life crazy (part of why I have not been posting much), so I have been cutting back on any non-required fiscal time. However, I had some free time today so I checked my fia card rewards and lo and behold I had 15,000 reward points which gives me $150 IF I deposit it in a retirement account. So, as of October 10th my husband's Roth IRA will be $150 richer. For us, $150 is .5% of my husband's wage. It is not a lot, or even enough, but it is a start and a great help when we otherwise would not be able to put anything in.

After that, I thought about checking my discover card as I was setting up the transfer to pay it. With paying for my classes this semester I was just over the $45 required to get the $50 cvs gift card so I grabbed that too. $200 richer in about 10 minutes, not bad, not bad at all.

Credit cards can be harmful if you use them badly, but as shown above, they can also be very helpful. Which are you going to chose?

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