1 Million Dollars

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Millionaire Update-May 2012

In the last month we added $417 to our account but because of the stock market, gained less than $20. We now are at $12420. Right now is a very risky time to be in the stock market. I fully expect it to crash again if Greece does not repay its' debts. However, never in the history of the stock market, has the stock market not increased on an average of 10% over 30-40 years and that is the time line I am looking at. If nothing else, I am buying, and will continue to buy low. I will continue to receive dividends and that will increase the value of the stocks I hold. This shows that you should never put anymore you need within ten years into the stock market.


  1. Traditionally in summer market remains down. One question, Ginger, why don't you get on to self-hosted site?

  2. I have no advertisers interested in advertizing on the blog and therefore cannot afford to get a self-hosted site.

  3. I think these updates and keeping track of this is really cool. I think I might do something similar. I keep track of my dividend payments monthly so I guess I am doing something of the sort. Good luck with your journey and make sure to put all the money you can into stocks while you think they are low in price.