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Friday, May 25, 2012

Fun in the Sun

It is finally warming up here in Buffalo and it has been great to open up the house and get out and about. We thought about having a picnic last weekend but got so crazy busy, we had to push it off. Why is it, that once things have warmed up, we have so much to do around the house? However, we will be having out picnic this weekend as a fun yet cheap treat. There are so many fun, cheap things to do during the summer that I cannot imagine wasting money this summer. But the sad thing is, when we moved here almost three years ago we have no ideas what cheap, fun things there were to do in this area. By keeping our eyes and ears open we have found so many things, like the Allan Town Art Festival and great hiking around the North Campus of UB. But there is an easier, and shorter way to find some of these events. Use the web! For example, I used swagbucks to search buffalo events and found out that one farmers market has already started. Maybe I will go wander over to Alden Village and see what produce is avaiable. http://www.aldenny.org/market.asp Also, I found that Buffalo State has a planetarium with events open to the public. Right now they are showing "Wonders of the Springtime Sky" and for students it is only $4 per person, unless you are a Buffalo State student, and it is free. http://www.fergusonplanetarium.net/PublicShows/PublicShows_WondersOfSpring.html What fun cheap stuff are you doing over the summer?

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