1 Million Dollars

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Update on grocery savings plan September

We did very badly this month. We spent $296.91 this month of groceries, however we did get a eight dollar rebate so I am only counting $288.91 for this month. This comes out to $72.23/week. Part of the reason for this, is we have just switched to doing our main shopping every other week and did two weeks worth of shopping on the twenty-eighth. Hopefully, that means September will be a low spend month. Also, we stocked up on soda, which we only do every twelve weeks, at rock bottom prices ($2.75/ twelve pack) but we bought 12 packs.

We are now at $2076.01 for 29 weeks, averaging out to $53.24/week. We are almost one hundred dollars over budget for the year and only have thirteen weeks to make it up. This means, to still make my goal I need to spend $42.50 or less every month. Given I am having trouble with keeping to $50/week I don't think that will happen especially since soon we will not have on garden produce to use as supplement. On the other hand, we are very well stocked for meat and we won't need sodas for another three months, maybe I can do it!
Anyone have ideas on how to do Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners without increasing my spending? If I want to get down to $50/week I sure can't overspend for those meals.


  1. Wow I wish I could cut my food shopping as much as you. Is that just for groceries or do you eat out also?

  2. Michelle, it is just for groceries, we have a small fun allowance which we use for eating out or other fun times. We live in a low COLA which is the only reason we can even get near this low, in Ca I would be fine to have it about $30-$50 higher.

  3. $53.24 isn't that bad for weekly groceries. Some people spend a hundred or two each week.