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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Frustrations in Real Estate

Our tenant gave us a little over a month's notice that they would be moving out when their lease expired. I thought that was nice, and even though I did not like having to find new tenants and lose rent for a month or more, everything was ok. I posted on craigslist with a $50 increase in rent and got some immediate responses, one that looked very good. My husband went up to see about showing the apartment on saturday and we were informed that they were not planning to move till October, they still have not put the bid in on their new house.

I understand finding a place, buying it and moving in can take awhile but I am very annoyed that she did not let us know. The more into winter we are, the harder it will be for us to find good tenants. I feel like telling them that since they are going month-to-month the rent will be raised. I probably would not have done so, however, if she had talked to me. Am I wrong in doing so?


  1. I suggest you put notices in your locality, paste it over post boxes or at local shops. Also do many more ads on Craigslist, possibly daily. Our sofa got sold after 8 CL posts.

  2. I'm a little confused, what does that have to do with my issue with our tenants?

  3. When you will start looking for new tenants in October, you might need to put advertisement on CL multiple times to get a good tenant.

    and no you are not wrong in asking them to pay more for month to month basis

  4. Sounds like there has been a communication issue. I wouldn't hesitate to tell them that since they had given notice, they would be going to a more expensive month by month lease. Since they are moving anyway, they might decide not to pay it and get out in time for you to rent before cold weather sets in.

    On the other hand, a bird in hand is worth two in the bush! It does sound like they may have been good renters? You don't want your landlord status slammed out in the community.

    Check your rental contract to see what it says and think about revising it to cover the situation next time?

  5. Flaking out like that really rubs me the wrong way. I think you're totally justified in raising the rent if they're going to pull shenanigans like that.