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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day

Happy memorial day for those in the USA. Many people have barbecues/parties and trips over memorial day but is there a way to do these things cheaper? I think yes.

For barbecues you can have a potluck instead of paying for everything or you could buy the meat in advance and take advantage of the sales or find a small meat market and make a deal if you buy in bulk. Many small meat stores will discount if you are buying in bulk. The same goes for some liqueur stores.

For trips, fuel up way before memorial day, even put some extra in a gas can if you have one. Go to the grocery store and pack drink and snacks as well as lunch for at least the first day and stay at places that include breakfast. If you do this, you will buy four meals instead of seven plus you won't have to buy drinks on the road.

Have fun.

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