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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Credit for the college student

No not college credit, but a good credit score and the ability to get a credit card or loan. Getting a credit score became harder since the passing of the credit card act of 2009, which no longer allows for students to get a credit card unless their parent cosigns or they have sufficient income. I have been unable to find out from credit companies what sufficient income is, I honestly do not believe they know. I wonder why the government did not make that clearer for the credit card companies as well as the consumer.
I think the parts of the credit act are great for example they must apply your payments to the high interest charges first (they used to apply it to the lowest), and the fact that they cannot change the rate for the previous purchases. However I have great issue with the government not allowing students to get credit cards, we are adults and should be able to make financial decisions as adults. This does not effect students who's parents are supporting them but it does effect those of us trying to get through school on our own. I find it horrible that we can access private student loans, that have less protection for students and are bankruptcy proof but cannot get a credit card which has rewards and protection.
The best way for a student now to get a credit card is ask their parents to co-sign but if that does not work, get a student loan and pay back during school.

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